Nursing Homes: Times Have Changed.

The perception of nursing homes is outdated.

In the last eight years, both quality of care and caregiving methods have changed dramatically. Post-hospital rehabilitation has increased, with approximately 4 million admissions from hospitals to nursing homes each year for rehabilitation services to help people get well and return home.

Data over a short time frame often doesn’t show a complete picture of the care provided in nursing homes today. Nursing home critics ignore long-term improvement and instead use short-term data to manufacture a crisis. Isolated tragedies, like one facility during the 2017 Florida hurricanes, affect the overall perception of nursing homes. While these tragic events are important for us to learn from, they create an impression that it’s unsafe to be cared for in a nursing home.

There will be small changes from quarter to quarter, but over the long term, there is no question that care is improving. Long-term data collected by the federal government since 2011 show the magnitude of the improvement in quality.

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